Top Locations to Ski in Canada

Skiing, it is one of the most beloved sports in the country of Canada. This is because as a country offers hundreds of mountain slopes covered in snow during the winter season, this is one of the benefits of being so close to the North. We’ve compiled the top locations for Skiing in the country for fans of the sport. Each location will give avid fans of the sport the rush they’ve been looking for; it doesn’t matter if you seek uninhabited adventure or modern day ski trails. These destinations have it for those skiers to enjoy.

Whistler & Blackcomb, British Columbia

Whistler & Blackcomb, British Columbia

The Whistler & Blackcomb Mountains together offer more than two-hundred different marked trails for skiers to enjoy. There is a total of sixteen alpine bowls and on top of that, there are 3 glaciers with 3,200 hectares of terrain to be explored. This makes it one of the top notch destinations of skiers to run.

Sun Peaks, British Columbia

Sun Peaks in British Columbia is the second largest skiing area located in the province. It’s the third largest located in Canada. The destination is popular amongst veteran fans of the sport and families looking to teach new generations.

Banff, Alberta

This is one of the most famous locations to Ski across the entire globe. Skiers from all around our planet have been coming to this area in hopes of defeating the Rockies themselves. There are three different resorts located in the park and it’s recently been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site which means it won’t be going anywhere.

Mount Tremble

Mount Tremblant, Quebec

This is one of the busier skiing destinations of the Eastern coast of Canada. It’s located only 130kms from the city of Montreal which results in a significant portion of those in the city to venture up to the mountain. Mount Tremblant is also the highest peak in the Eastern coast with more than a 770-metre drop.

Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario

Ontario isn’t a province you’d imagine to have fantastic skiing destinations. This is far from the case as there is Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood, Ontario. Skiers flock to the region every winter season during the day & night. There are thirty-six runs on the mountain, three freestyle terrains and the 3rd most popular Ski resort in Canada.

Blue Mountain

Martock, Nova Scotia

This skiing destination isn’t as exotic or established as some of the locations listed above in Ontario, British Columbia & Alberta. None the less it’s one of the few skiing destinations in the province. Located only a short drive from Halifax is offering a mixture of alpine & cross-country trails for fans of the sport to enjoy. Unfortunately, there aren’t any peaks in Martock which will take skiers for a downhill adventure.

Crabbe Mountain, New Brunswick

This final entry to our list is Crabbe Mountain, New Brunswick. The Crabbe Mountain Ski Hill is located only fifty kilometers from Fredericton. It’s the highest spot in the province, standing as 360 meters tall. There are over 30 kilometers of Nordic ski trails to be enjoyed. Night skiing is also available at this location.