Top 5 Casinos in Canada

As a country, Canada is a fantastic travel destination. It is primarily known for its blend of European cities & natural beauty. There are those looking for a particular form of entertainment, that being gambling and this country offers casino experiences just as enjoyable as in destinations like Reno or Las Vegas. We’ve compiled five of the best casinos in the country for tourists to visit.

River Rock

River Rock Casino Resort

River Rock Casino Resort is one of the best in Canada as it offers all of the classic perks that come with exclusive land-based gambling. There are endless hours of gaming, luxury accommodations, and five-star restaurants located on all floors of the casino. One of those restaurants is Sea Harbour, considered to be one of the Asian food capitals of North America. It’s also located on Fraser River, the longest river in the country. So players can be ensured of some stunning views as well.

Casino Niagara

Casino Niagara, just like River Rock gives gamblers an abundance of beauty through its natural surroundings. It’s located only a block away from Rainbow Bridge meaning that American players have easy access to the casino as well. As a gambling establishment, it gains more tourist activity than any other casino in the country.

Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino

Just like Casino Niagara, the Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino offers the same benefits of being close to the United States. It draws tourism from Detroit, Michigan but not nearly as much as Niagara does from Buffalo & Asia. Caesars Entertainment Group, the owner of this gambling establishment, has a solid hold on the market in North America. This ensures a reliable and exclusive experience for all who visit.

Casino de Montréal

Casino de Montréal

Casino de Montreal, it may have more to offer than any of the other casinos across Canada. According to USA Today, this gambling establishment it one of the largest all across the planet. It holds over three thousand slot machines, one hundred gaming tables and it even has its own street dedicated to vendors outside of the casino. Combine that with the fact that Montreal, one of the oldest cities in modern day culture is considered to be one of the ultimate traveling destinations for the country makes Casino de Montreal a popular venue.

Casino Nova Scotia

You wouldn’t think that for one second this would make the top five list. The reason it’s made the list is because it’s located in one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada. It borders the Atlantic Ocean, giving whoever goes to the casino stunning views for hours on end. That mixed in with what is a friendly gambling experience makes this establishment one of the best.