Top 5 Canadian Hiking Trails

Hiking, it is one of the most beloved things to do in Canada. As a country, there is an abundance of beauty wherever you look. Generally, this beauty is held in British Columbia, Alberta or the North West Territories. Other provinces like Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, are mainly left out of this list due to the fact that the provinces are more economically built. Hiking in some of the most beautiful mountains of the world is a treat but finding the best trail can become confusing. That is why we’ve listed for you the five best trails you can walk on in the country of Canada.

Canada is one of the most nature-friendly countries on our planet. They uphold their beauty by creating national parks, provincial parks or by designating natural forests off from the public. This has resulted in some of the most visually appealing hiking trails in the world, and why millions travel to the country each year for their outdoors adventures.

Canol Trail

Canol Heritage Trail

This hiking trail was originally slated to fail, or so many said. It’s far from the case, hikers from around the world have embraced this trail due to the amount of time it takes to travel. This is the longest trail in Canada, it’s a total of 350 Km and takes a minimum of twenty days to travel. It’s one of the most remote trails into the wilderness in the world.

West Coast Trail

This is one of the most famous trails in the world, located on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It takes up to seven days to complete this trail but what is given in return is diverse wildlife and the ability to sleep by the ocean in some of the most remote destinations in the country.

Tombstone Territorial Park Trail

Located in the Yukon, this trail is located in a national park. It totals off at seventy-five kilometers long and will take a minimum of eight takes to complete. The reason to go on this trail is the fact that you start it off with a helicopter ride. You can’t even reach the beginning of the trail by your own hands. Then hikers must travel the mountain range known as Beringia, an area that extends as far as Siberia does.

Pukaskwa National Park, Coastal Hiking Trail

Pukaskwa National Park, Coastal Hiking Trail

This is the only trail we have on our list that is located in Ontario. This trail is sixty kilometers long and can take anywhere from five to seven days to complete. The reason to go on this trail is because it gives guests the best chance at experiencing the Boreal Forest of Ontario. There are wolves & bears though so watch out.

Sunshine Village & Mt. Assiniboine Trail

This trail is fifty-six kilometers in length. It takes roughly six to ten days to complete this trail depending on which way you take. This trail takes you from a small village all the way up to the top of Mount Assiniboine. The reasoning for taking this trail is because the only other way you can reach this peak is by taking a helicopter. The hike is far more beautiful.