The History of Canada

Canada, it is one of the most pivotal countries in modern day society. The period of time during which humans have lived on this land starts around 1534. Before then the landscape was completely uninhabited by human beings and was ruled by animals. When the first colonies arrived in the country, those being the French and the British, they found a large group of indigenous natives who have been living there since 1534. It wasn’t until 1763 that the first expeditions towards Canada began their efforts.

The aboriginal people of Canada has distinctive trade routes that spanned from up north all the way to down south where the Mayans lived. Some texts claim there were groups of travelers who supplied goods throughout the entire continent. This means that at some point a trader would have traveled from the bottom of South America to the top of North America, making hundreds of trades along the way. The aboriginal people also had extreme spiritual beliefs that relate towards the earth, animals and everything natural about human living.


The French and British

The French & British were mortal enemies during the 1500’s to the late 1800’s. Every chance they got the two countries would fight one another. This was for dominance over land and dominance over the world. Originally it was the French that colonized a significant portion of North America but after the great Seven Years War which took place in 1867, the French gave the majority of their colonies to the British. This resulted in the British creating a federal domain of four different provinces, in the process, it was called Canada.

The country has had its fair share of history ever since it was first colonized. Dozens of wars have been fought on our land. We were a part of World War One & World War Two. We’ve been able to grasp free health care and were right around the corner from offering free education to the masses.

Justin Trudeau

Currently, the country is operated by Justin Trudeau, the new prime minister of the country. In what was one of the biggest elections in Canadian history, the liberals were able to win the majority vote by the youth coming out to vote for their new leader. Stephen Harper & his majority conservative party were vanquished from existence. In the months since Justin Trudeau has done an incredible job at placing Canada as one of the world leading countries once again.

Justin Trudeau allowed for twenty-five thousand Syrian Refugee’s to enter his country. This was done after millions of refugees were fleeing their own country into Europe for safety. Secondly, he is the first prime minister or North American leader to walk in an LBGT Community Parade. He is showing the world what it means to be Canadian and the level of respect you must have in order to be a part of this country.

Canada is going to continue to grow as a country. Next year marks the 150th anniversary of Canada will be one of the biggest celebrations to mark the country.