The Canadian Rocky Mountains

The Canadian Rocky Mountains, it’s the most beautiful geographical location in the world. It’s a part of a system of mountains that runs from the Pacific Coast to the Canadian Prairies and is one of the largest mountain systems in the world. The Rockies themselves is in the easternmost part of Canada and is a part of the Canadian Cordillera, which in turn forms the American Cordillera. The American Cordillera is just a part of the Pacific Ring of Fire which runs across all of the Pacific Ocean & the continent it borders.

There are five different national parks that are located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. There’s Banff, Kootenay, Yoho, Waterton, and Jasper. The most famous of which is Banff, millions of people from around Canada and around the world flock to Banff National Park during the winter in order to experience some of the best skiing or snowboarding available in the world. Each one of the national parks offers never-ending beauty for the viewer. The rivers, glaciers, clear lakes, mountains, stunning sunrises and distant sunsets make going worth every second.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park

It was established back in 1885 as one of the first national parks in Canada. It’s only 110 to 180 kilometers from the west of Calgary, Alberta. In total, the national park covers 6,641 kilometers in mountainous terrain. There are also many glaciers, lakes, and wildlife to be seen as well.

Jasper National Park

Jasper is the largest of the national parks located in Canada. It spans 10,878 kilometres of space. It’s located North of Banff National Park & west of Edmonton. The park includes hot springs, waterfalls, lakes, mountains, and the Columbia Ice Field. This is one of the most sought after parks to visit in the nation.

Kootenay National Park

Kootenay National Park, located on the South Eastern side of British Columbia is only 1,406 Km in size. It’s also a part of a World Heritage Site and as such, makes this park globally recognized. The park’s main attractions include the Radium Hot Springs, Marble Canyon, Sinclair Canyon, Olive Lake and Paint Pots. These paint pots are bodies of water forming different colors due to the algae located inside.

Yoho National Park

Yoho National Park

The Canadian Rocky Mountains is also home to Yoho National Park. In total, the park covers 1,313 Km’s of space. It is the second smallest of the five national parks listed in this article. Going to this park will have guests enjoying large mountain ridges, waterfalls and one of the most powerful rivers located in British Columbia.

Waterton Lakes National Park

Located on the southwest corner of Alberta, Canada. The Waterton Lakes National Park is one of the oldest parks in the countries history. It was the fourth national park ever claimed by the Canadian Government. It’s only 505 kilometers of wilderness, lakes and rugged mountains. Its unique climate has made this national park a world heritage site.