Strange Canadian Facts

Canada, the first thought about the country is maple syrup or igloos or people who are too friendly for their own good. Canada isn’t just a country of stereotypes, although, it is also a country of innovation and acceptance. It’s also a country which has an abundance of strange activities that occur on a daily basis. We’ve compiled some of the most unusual facts about Canada in hopes of enticing our viewers to deepen their search into the country.

Narcisse Snake Den

The Snake Pit

One of the strangest aspects about Canada is that it is the capital of the world for the red garter snake. These snakes travel from all around Northern America in order to collect in a small area known as the Narcisse Snake Den. These snakes come together to breed, feast and live life together as a species.

The Underground Laboratory

Canada doesn’t seem like a country that would focus on secret underground locations, but that’s far from the case as in Sudbury, Ontario there is an underground laboratory that focuses on finding new forms of matter and researching the current forms we knew of. This underground laboratory which expands across almost the entire city also works in dark matter and neutrino physics. This laboratory is standing at the forefront towards scientific advancements in Canada.

American/Canadian Money

American money is some of the dullest ever to hold, the colors are nonexistent, and the paper feels flimsy to the touch. This is far unlike Canada’s currency which is multi-coloured and made of plastic that cannot be destroyed. What’s unique about American Money is that the green ink placed on every bill ever used by an American was created by a Canadian at the University of Montreal back in 1857.

Iceberg Alley

Iceberg Alley

One of the strangest aspects about Canada is that if you live in Newfoundland or Labrador, you will see icebergs regularly during the months of spring and summer. The massive islands of ice have broken off of glaciers up north, they move toward Newfoundland and enter into the Labrador/Newfoundland coast, more commonly known as Iceberg Valley.

UFO Landing Canada

Canada is a country that is full of hope and dreams. That’s why back in 1967, Canada decided that it would be the first country in the globe to make a UFO Landing Pad. The pad is located in St. Paul, Alberta. It was city officials who provided the land and local businesses which provide the supplies needed to create the pad. The only time the pad has been used was when the Minister of National Defence landed a helicopter on the pad for its official opening.

Highway Animal Safety

Canada is a country which holds animals to a high esteem. These creatures stood long before humans did and that’s why cities all around the globe have placed “Animal-Friendly” bridges above highways. The massive walls block these creatures from walking on the road and direct them in the path of the bridge. The most notable would be in Banff National Park, which has six of these overpasses for animals.