Famous People from Canada

Canada is a country that holds faithful to its beliefs, is firm in their convictions and loves Tim Hortons more than anything else. As youngsters, Canadians learn about the men and women behind the country who made a different or achieved fame. There are stars who are more famous than others but none the less every individual on this list has had an impact on Canadian culture or history.

terry fox

Terry Fox

Terry Fox is the most notable name in Canadian history from the last one hundred years, and he is by far the most beloved. Every year millions come out in honor of his name in order to generate monies for bone cancer. He is the saint of modern day Canada as he planned to walk entirely across Canada to showcase to the world that even with cancer, anything is plausible. Unfortunately, half way through his adventure cancer developed in his lungs, and he passed away. He is forever remembered in Canadian history. Terry Fox, the man, the legend, the hero.

David Suzuki

David Suzuki is known around the world as an  activist, media star, and scientist. He has spent the better portion of his life trying to get the public to focus on environmental issues. He is by far the longest-standing supporter of the issue to come from Canada. Suzuki began his broadcasting career in 1979 with hosting duties on the nature program called “The Nature of Things” Mr. Suzuki will also contribute weekly to a column towards issues relating to the environmental for various papers around the country.

Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky is by far the most famous hockey player in history & indisputably the best. He has broken countless records in the short period of time that he played with the Edmonton Oilers. After leaving the oilers, he would play for several different hockey teams before leaving the NHL. Later in his life, he became the coach of the Olympic
Hockey Team.

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell is the most iconic Canadian ever to live. He was a vivid man who was Scotland-born. Mid-way through his life, he moved to Canada & during the later portion of his life, he moved to the United States, upon where he would pass on to the other side. This brilliant inventor and scientist did a great justice for Canada. He invented & patented the telephone back in 1870. He did this in Brantford, Ontario and he also founded the Bell Telephone Company, which is still the largest phone service provider in the country. This man revolutionized how the world would work and how we as a species communicate. If it wasn’t for Mr. Bell, then billions around the globe wouldn’t have their cell phones and a new industry wouldn’t have been born. He is the highlight of the country who gets appreciated every day of the year by billions around the globe.


These are just four of hundreds of Canadians that have been able to make themselves a name in history or in Hollywood. Alexander Bell & Terry Fox are the two most famous individuals to have ever been from this country. They are the two most influential in the country as well.