10 Humorous Facts about Canada

Canada, it is rated one of the best countries on our planet. As a country, they stand for respect and peace amongst all their citizens. Globally, this year they’ve reigned number one by allowing 25,000 Syrian Refugee’s enter into the country. Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada also was the first country leading politician in the continent of North America to walk in an LBGT Parade. Canada has its funny side to, though, a side that makes the country what it is.

1. The Stanley Cup is always protected, as the cup is guarded by a security officer at all times. That doesn’t mean winners of the cup haven’t placed various drinks & foods or tried to steal it at times.

Stanley Cup

2. The Pioneers Behind British Columbia would create fire using “Oolichan”, more commonly known as candlefish. During the night time, this fish can be used as a candle due to its abundance of fat.

3. Canada’s name derives from a misunderstanding of all things. Jacques Carter, one of the pioneers of the country & Iroquois natives were speaking of a village. The native Indians called it Kanata, but Jacques pronounced it improperly, calling the land “Canada” That’s a pretty big mistake.

4. The Narcisse Snake Dens located in Manitoba, Canada has the largest amount of snakes in a small area for our planet. Up to one hundred thousand red-sided garter snakes gather at this den ever year to breed.

5. Canada was lucky enough to gain its own national flag back on February 15th, 1965. This was one hundred years after the country has begun its roots.

6. Canadian Geese have their own language with one another. Scientists believe that these geese have thirteen different calls that allow for other members of the flock to know of warnings, happiness or greetings.

Dawson City, Yukon. It is a unique town in the city as there’s a bar called Sourtoe Cocktail Club, at this club you can drink an alcoholic beverage with a human toe at the bottom. Their motto has made them famous throughout the country.

Lake Okanagan, British Columbia

8. During 1962 in Pincher Creek, Alberta the fastest & biggest temperature changes in recorded history for Canada took place. The result of a warm, dry wind that came from the Rocky Mountains had temperatures vary from -19C to 22C in just a single hour.

9. During 1984 & 2008 there was a prohibition ban on carbonated drinks within cans for the province of Prince Edward Island. All carbonated drinks had to be sold in glass bottles. They were the only place in the continent to have this ban.

10. The Loch Ness Monster is said to have a brother in Lake Okanagan, British Columbia. The creatures name is Ogopogo & he roams the waters in search of food. He is the mysterious creature of Canada.

These are just ten of the hundreds of hilarious things about Canada that make the country what it is, a glorious, fun safe haven for individuals from all around the world.