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Canada, it is the one country in North America that is truly the land of the free. Every year the country has been rated one of the best countries in the world and for good reason. Canada is known for its open door immigration and welcoming of people around the world, making it one of the largest multi-cultural countries. There are a great number of benefits of living in Canada, starting with free health care for all citizens, an abundance of natural resources, from lumber, wheat, to oil, let alone being the country with the most fresh water.

This is just a few of the astonishing things that Canada has accomplished in its 149-year history. Considering with the defluxion in the global economy, Canada is now standing as a leader of the world for its managing of resources and economy during troubling times. On this site, we are showcasing to our viewer’s everything that is wonderful with the country and the pride Canada provides to mean Canadians.

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You will find information regarding some of the countries most beautiful natural locations such as the Rocky Mountains or the Bay of Fundy. You will also learn about odd Canadian facts, the best camp grounds, the best national parks and so much more. We include information regarding some of the most pivotal figures in not just Canadian history, but global history through the articles we’ve added for your reading pleasure. It is our hope they will motivate you to visit this incredible country, meet the people and understand the wonder of what Canada offers for those with a love for the outdoors, such as British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains, or visiting Ottawa, our nations Capital.

Canada is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its environments are consistently changing and its people are considered to be some of the kindest in the world. It is a joke experienced by many as we venture into the world and travel to other countries, but it is also one we are most proud of, and the fact is, people are right, Canada is a friendly nation of great people.

As Canada continues to grow as a leading global country and gain more influence in the markets it will only continue to become a country popular for immigration worldwide to move to. We continue to grow with articles about Canada we think are deserving to be highlighted and brought to your attention. We hope you will take the time to enjoy the articles we have added to this site and will stop by often.

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